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cimfax arrow What can CimFAX fax server do?
  • cimfax arrow right Enables every computer to send and receive faxes through one landline. Paper is not needed.
  • cimfax arrow right Software and hardware integrated. Operates stably 24/7.
  • cimfax arrow right Small-sized and low power consuming. Cost-effective.
  • cimfax arrow right Faxes in real time. Secure.
cimfax arrow How to receive and send faxes with CimFAX fax server?
Sending a fax
  • Sending a fax by a fax machine takes 3 minutes.
  • “Print a computer file” >> “Get the printed paper.” >> “Walk to the fax machine” >> “Dial the number” >> “Wait for response” >> “Put paper in the fax machine” >> ...
  • Sending a fax by CimFAX takes only 3 seconds.
  • “Choose a file in the computer” >> “Enter fax number” >> “Click send”(refer to the picture)
  • Sending a fax with CimFAX
Receiving a fax
  • Getting a fax by a fax machine takes X minutes
  • “Faxes received at the front desk/reception desk.” >> “Manual distribution one by one” >> “Untimely distribution” >> “Re-track required”
  • Getting a fax by CimFAX takes only 1 second.
  • “Faxes received in a user's computer.” >> “Pop-up window reminding faxes received.” (refer to the picture)
  • Receiving a fax with CimFAX

cimfax fax server Installation Demo Video,传真服务器 无纸传真 介绍安装视频
  • CimFAX E2 series on market.
  • CimFAX upgrades storage space.
  • CimFAX v.34 high speed edition launched.
  • Partner application starts in 2014.
  • Introduction video available online.
  • CimFAX Partnership Plan
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